Central Working Coworking Space

Your business is more than just a job, and Central Working is more than just an office.

  1. Build your space
  2. Connect with us
  3. Transform the way you work
  4. Grow together


Build your space

Offices needn’t be as limiting as desks in a location. Our spaces are tailored to you so that you’re not paying for anything you don’t need. Whether it’s a private office space in one city with a shared desk in another, we’ll find the mix that’s right for you.


Connect with us

When you join Central Working, we actively introduce you to the companies that you need for growth. You will gain access to thousands of investors, clients and suppliers; all here to help you thrive and succeed. And what’s more, we guarantee it.

We guarantee a meaningful connection to your business in your first 30 days or you, the founder, get your money back.

Below are a few samples of some
great connections we've made


Transform the way you work

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in or how big you are in it - you can always work better. We help you find and focus on things that transform how you work.

Benefits of
Central Working


We don’t restrict you to just one location worldwide. Have access to our talent network and facilities, wherever you are.


With us, you have the flexibility to scale. From single hot-desks to private offices, we find the combination that suits you.

Training and networking

As a member, you and your team have access to training and networking events that help advance your business.

Founder’s membership

Entrepreneurs always put their company first, but we want to make sure you look after yourselves. That's why we give you access to our unique peer to peer Founders’ Programme; putting you in the room with other entrepreneurs to solve your biggest challenges, run monthly by world leading facilitators.

Competitive tailored packages

We don’t put a price tag on your potential. Because your office is tailored to you, we can’t tell you a figure until you tell us what you need.

Curated connections

Our dedicated team plug you into the community of hundreds of committed professionals. We even guarantee it.


Grow together

Each day has its obstacles; we help you resolve those challenges, as well as applauding your victories. It’s hugely satisfying to watch you develop over time and to share those connections, collaborations and celebrations with you.

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